Saturday, February 1, 2014

Feeling Good

Good morning! Yes I am wide awake and actually feeling not only human but quite well considering how I have been feeling over the last few weeks.

Currently Law and Order. This show had been a favorite in my house for quite sometime. Im supper happy to be up this late and not have to worry about getting back to sleep to be sure I've gotten enough sleep to not feel slugging at work the next day.

Thursday, January 30, 2014


So, I've decided to try random blogging. Just basically like journaling every random idea and thought that runs through my head.
I have been wanting to blog regularly for quite some time now but have not had the opportunity or time to get into it. This year will bring lots of changes for me and my family. I want to welcome these changes with open arms.
I have had a lot of new things happen over the past few months which have changed the way that my family and I do things but it has become a great time to learn how to be more efficient in budgeting and living within our means.
I have so many things running through my mind right now that its hard to contain all that I want to say. It doesn't help that I have very good imagination while watching some of my favorite shows.