Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Freebies and Deals
I love this site Melea is very helpful in saving my family money... The best deal I have gotten so far was the gps I got from one sale aday website that only cost me $34 but it retails for $134 great deal huh? You guys should check out her site just click the link above...

-Mummy B

Monday, September 26, 2011

Irritable Moments #1

So this morning I let my boss know that I needed tomorrow and Wednesday off for my uncle's funeral (the company doesn't recognize uncles as immediate family) I had just found out when the funeral would be on Friday afternoon when I got off work. (she doesn't usually work on weekends) She tells me she needs to send my vacation request to corporate... If this was some one else (some one of her decent) she wouldn't have had to send it to corporate (I know this for a fact, I've seen it more than once) I can't believe she is giving me shit for wanting to take only 2 days off for a funeral. (The people here of her decent have been taking off months to go back to their country for funerals or just because some one is sick) I'm only asking for 2 freaking days and I requested to use my hard earned sick time for it... I'm am really getting tired of the discrimination here especially from the management.. I keep saying that I'm going to look for another job but I like my job here (everything else here is another story) and I have sooo much going on that I'm stuck... I could look for another job but in a couple of months I may need change my situation again so I don't what to do but at the moment I am very irritated by my Boss right now.. I will write again later once she lets me know if the vacation time is approved....

Thursday, September 22, 2011

New Look!

I think I'm done with this design it looks a little sad and dim so I will be looking for a new design. Stay tuned.....

-Mummy B

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Are they serious???

Did they really let Casey Anthony go and Troy Davis is about to be executed??? This is an example of how justice system fails our country everyday...

 I can't believe that this young man has all of these testimonies saying that he was innocent with no weapon found or any other evidence stating that he is guilty and yet there is still going to be an execution.


One day our justice system will do better for us.....

Monday, September 19, 2011


So I have been reading this blog that has inspired me to write my own blog similar to the one I'm talking about (the same concept) but a totally different subject. (Would that be plagiarism? I guess I'm kind of stealing their idea but not really) In my defense I have seen other blogs similar to this but not really the same so I guess it should be ok. (right?) This one is going to be juicy....

Here's a ( I guess you would call this a trailer? lol)

Do you secretly hate your coworkers? Are you really nice to them anyway? How about your Ssupervisor? Does he just make you want to slap that toupee right off of his head? If you can answer yes to any one of those questions and you want to anonymously express these feelings. (because we know you can't say it out loud at work or physically act on it..)  You should come check out "Confessions of the friendly coworker" Guaranteed to be anonymous and totally open for everyone to see how you feel without knowing who you are.... (there will also be supervisor confessions as well ( because we all know your supervisor secretly hates you just as much as you hate him..)

Soooo what do you think? I think It will be great... If you would like your anonymous confession posted feel free to email me and they will get posted. If you have any Ideas of things I should add or an idea for an Icon or a "mascot" for this blog I'm open to some great ideas...

If you email me your confession please make sure to put that this is a confession from a coworker or a supervisor it will only be titled anonymous coworker or anonymous supervisor...

-Mummy B.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Good morning.
So today will be a day of cleaning and (hopefully) a little relaxation... The kids are going to their grandma's for a few hours and Hubbs is shooting a video today. Oops I  forgot to mention that Hubbs is a photographer and videographer. I will post pics of him shooting later this afternoon. I took a few pics of  the kids before they left..

                                                  He is sooo handsome. I love that he likes wearing hats not its really cute on him.

                                                  "Please no pictures " lol

Well since there are at grandma's now I should get started on this pile of dishes and shower then shop for dinner...

Thursday, September 8, 2011

My Children

Its times like this during the day that I miss my children. At the moment my son is in school (Kindergarten) and my daughter should either be entertaining her grandmother with all of her beautiful smiles (all gums) or napping. I have pictures of them on my computer here at work to look at when I miss or am thinking about them and I call as many as 20 times a day to check on them ( Grandma or Hubbs keep them during the day while I'm at work) but sometimes its just not enough and it makes me want to cry sometimes. My son is doing so well in school, we still have a lot to work on but he is very smart and my daughter is doing so many new things now that I don't want to miss and it kills me that I won't be there for it. She will be taking her first steps soon and I soo want to be there for that it hurts ( I missed my son's first steps as well due to being at work) some times  working outside of the home sucks more than its worth....

                                       These are all pictures from late last year and the beginning of this year 2011

Good Morning....Or at least its starting out that way!

So today is my friday at work and I almost couldn't get out of bed this morning. Ugh I just feel soo drained by the end of the week that I'm almost literally dragging myself out of bed on thursdays. I am just sooo jealous sometimes when  I get up for work and everyone in the house is still asleep and won't be getting up for atleast 2 hours from the time I get up :-(  This is my first time blogging and it feels soo good to start writting again after soo long. I am way out of practice, it has been years since I have wrote anything that didn't pertain to some one's medical record or filling out ins forms for yet another doctor visit.

I will be posting more through out the day as I go through my work day, so stay tuned this will get interesting.

Good Morning!