Saturday, September 10, 2011

Good morning.
So today will be a day of cleaning and (hopefully) a little relaxation... The kids are going to their grandma's for a few hours and Hubbs is shooting a video today. Oops I  forgot to mention that Hubbs is a photographer and videographer. I will post pics of him shooting later this afternoon. I took a few pics of  the kids before they left..

                                                  He is sooo handsome. I love that he likes wearing hats not its really cute on him.

                                                  "Please no pictures " lol

Well since there are at grandma's now I should get started on this pile of dishes and shower then shop for dinner...


  1. Aww your children are precious! I have a son and daughter too! I miss them when they're gone but am always begging for a break when they're home lol.

  2. Thanks! I feel the same way lol I never knew how much hard work being a mother and wife is... It all pays off with beautiful faces though!! :-)