Thursday, September 8, 2011

My Children

Its times like this during the day that I miss my children. At the moment my son is in school (Kindergarten) and my daughter should either be entertaining her grandmother with all of her beautiful smiles (all gums) or napping. I have pictures of them on my computer here at work to look at when I miss or am thinking about them and I call as many as 20 times a day to check on them ( Grandma or Hubbs keep them during the day while I'm at work) but sometimes its just not enough and it makes me want to cry sometimes. My son is doing so well in school, we still have a lot to work on but he is very smart and my daughter is doing so many new things now that I don't want to miss and it kills me that I won't be there for it. She will be taking her first steps soon and I soo want to be there for that it hurts ( I missed my son's first steps as well due to being at work) some times  working outside of the home sucks more than its worth....

                                       These are all pictures from late last year and the beginning of this year 2011

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