Monday, September 26, 2011

Irritable Moments #1

So this morning I let my boss know that I needed tomorrow and Wednesday off for my uncle's funeral (the company doesn't recognize uncles as immediate family) I had just found out when the funeral would be on Friday afternoon when I got off work. (she doesn't usually work on weekends) She tells me she needs to send my vacation request to corporate... If this was some one else (some one of her decent) she wouldn't have had to send it to corporate (I know this for a fact, I've seen it more than once) I can't believe she is giving me shit for wanting to take only 2 days off for a funeral. (The people here of her decent have been taking off months to go back to their country for funerals or just because some one is sick) I'm only asking for 2 freaking days and I requested to use my hard earned sick time for it... I'm am really getting tired of the discrimination here especially from the management.. I keep saying that I'm going to look for another job but I like my job here (everything else here is another story) and I have sooo much going on that I'm stuck... I could look for another job but in a couple of months I may need change my situation again so I don't what to do but at the moment I am very irritated by my Boss right now.. I will write again later once she lets me know if the vacation time is approved....

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